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Mountain bike circuits




Explore Arbois, vineyards and villages

with the mountain bike tours!




The Arbois Vignes et Villages - Pays de Louis Pasteur tourist information centre, has created


mountain bike tours of varying length and level of difficulty



for you to explore Arbois, Montigny-les-Arsures, Pupillin,


Les Planches-près-Arbois, Mesnay and La Châtelaine...





From April 2011, new signposting was implemented (in accordance with the PDIPR = the departmental plan for walking and hiking routes).




New documents are available.


Tour no. 10 or the Circuit des Vignes, 8.6 km; F.F.C (French cycling federation) level green (easy).


Tour n° 11 or Circuit des Arces, 8.4 km; F.F.C level green (easy).


Tour n° 12 or Circuit de Pupillin, 18 km, F.F.C level black (very difficult).


Tour n° 13 or Circuit des Moidons, 26 km, F.F.C level red (difficult).

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